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Building Wealth for Every Passion

At BuckSpeak, we believe in the power of passion to drive wealth creation. We understand that your interests and talents extend far beyond the typical realms of finance. That’s why we are dedicated to helping individuals like you build wealth around their passions.

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We offer a range of services designed to support your journey towards wealth creation.

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 Our passion is to help you build wealth while pursuing what you love

At BuckSpeak we understand your passion and hence our planning tools provide and insight to assist in making the right decisons.


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Kick-start your investment journey and drop you details now. We’d love to chat, preferably while sipping some mind-blowing coffee. We’ll bring our expertise in investment strategies and you just bring your dreams, ambitions, and passion. Together, we’ll create a roadmap that leads to financial success while embracing the joy of the unexpected.

    Our MF partners

    India has a vibrant mutual fund eco-system and we are proud to partner with some of India’s largest wealth creators. Investors have a wide basket of choices available to invest, based on their needs and objectives. Often mutual funds are considered to be an investment category and investors fear being vulnerable to concentration risk, if they invest large part of their savings into mutual funds. However, a mutual fund isn’t an asset class in itself. It’s like a chocolate wrapper, with different asset classes being wrapped inside. It provides access to a well diversified choice of asset classes like equity, fixed income, gold, real estate, and the blends of two or more asset classes. Disclaimer : Mutual funds are not guaranteed return products. If anything the returns can often be non-linear. Investors shouldn’t base their investment decisions, solely on past returns. It’s strongly recommended to seek an expert’s help before investing.